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Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful. They include specific self-care techniques, products, services, and educational content to promote your wellbeing. Organicity LLC receives no compensation for links or products (no affiliation) whatsoever. Please see standard external links disclaimer below.

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Educational Resources:


During treatments, you will often hear me referring to the quality and function of Fascia, or connective tissue. This video provides a brief description and an "inside" look at these layers of soft tissue. Please be warned that this video includes footage of a human cadaver dissection, and not everyone will be comfortable viewing it. Gil Hedley's Fuzz Speech:

From a physics perspective, each joint in the body is a fulcrum, balanced by reciprocal tensions to maintain it's integrity. Expanding on the concept of fascia's utility in the body, Thomas Myers provides insightful demonstrations of how the tensegrity principle accounts for our stability, mobility, and capability to generate force.

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Mobility Resources

Your hips have amazing potential for range of motion across multiple planes. As with much of your body's range of motion, the principle of "use it or lose it" applies to this range. Not only is it necessary to regularly incorporate the use of each muscle that crosses your hip joint, but also to stretch these muscles specifically in each plane. Here is one demonstration of a "Half-Kneeling Triplanar Stretch":  

We often cover stretch techniques that address your particular neck tension or restriction with specificity, but here is a handy guide on how to stretch commonly tight neck muscles:

Fitness foam roller, ideal for self mass

Self-Care Tool:


There are many trigger point tools on the market, but I personally have found this tool to be more effective than most other varieties, due to the unique shape. Sometimes self massage can feel like a zero-sum game, whether you use tools or not. The physical effort required to produce results at deep tissue levels can be counterproductive, given that pressure must be sustained for longer periods. If you've ever tried to massage your own upper Trapezius, you know what I'm talking about! The opportunity in using this particular tool is the redistribution of pressure by using vectors that require minimal effort to maintain. For example, one end of this tool can be looped around the thigh, and the other end directing pressure into that persistent Trapezius trigger point - the resting weight of your leg will do all the work, so you can relax for a few minutes and achieve some change!

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Impact Fitness Oakland

For those looking to participate in weekly group trainings tailored to their collective fitness level, I recommend Coach Liam at Impact Fitness Oakland. His goal is to make a lifetime impact and produce long-lasting results and habits that will stick with you. Coaches should be accessible, supportive and motivational, and Liam truly embodies these qualities. His training is beginner friendly, he works with all levels of fitness, and offers nutrition coaching services as well. He involves movements that your body is designed to do, which are functional by nature. If you are looking to change your body composition, get stronger, or just to move and feel better, I would recommend his coaching and group training programs.

Chiropractor at Work

Educational Resource:

Shoulder Impingement

Here is a fairly comprehensive and accessible educational posting to help you understand the all-too-common shoulder impingement syndrome. It's important to understand that impingement syndromes are part of a continuum. While symptoms may come and go, changing body mechanics and developing underactive musculature is often needed to provide a lasting environment for your shoulder to function without pain. This particular physiotherapist has some excellent recommendations on how to use conservative measures to rehabilitate the shoulder, more specifically the glenohumeral joint:

Image by John Jackson

Educational Resource:

Nerve Flossing

Nerve compression syndromes(Thoracic Outlet, Carpal Tunnel, etc.) exist on a continuum, and can be aggravating when symptoms don't present consistently. Soft tissue restrictions can account for a great deal of these symptoms, when the nerve's sheath becomes entrapped and it's function inhibited. Given that nerves don't have the same kind of elasticity that other types of soft tissue do, there are great results to be had by stretching multiple joints in sequence. These specific sequences produce a cumulative effect, wherein multiple compression sites can be addressed and the proper "glide" of the nerve within it's sheath restored. Here are a couple of variations on "nerve flossing", or "nerve gliding" for the upper extremities:  


Video Demonstrations

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